Water Modules

The tractor based carrier is only part of the system; water hauling modules are the actual water holders and can be deployed by almost any machine on a fire theatre (area of operations).

The water modules are independent, self-contained, and portable water reservoirs. They are dimensionally based on 20 and 40 ft sea-cans (also known as ISO containers) and can be hauled or moved by any vehicle that is able to lift or drag them. A ½ ton truck with a trailer could move an empty 20 ft module, and a ¾ ton truck with trailer could move an empty 40 ft module. This universality opens a whole new dimension for deployment. Now any truck/trailer unit can move empty modules into protective positions on a fire-line or into the general fire theatre. The 20 ft modules can be carried with approximately 4,500 gallons of water and a weight of 25 tons, or a 40 ft module can be pulled/skidded with a volume of 10,000 gallons and a weight of 57 tons.

The storage/volume capacity of the water modules is further increased by injecting “wetting” agents, or foam, which increase water output volumes two fold. The intention is to put overwhelming volumes in front of the fire more efficiently than ever before.

20 ft module
40 ft module
Liquid Capacity
4,500 gallons
10,000 gallons (maximum hauling capacity)

15,000 gallons (stationary deployment)

25 tons
57 tons (maximum hauling capacity)

78 tons (stationary deployment)

Volume capacity with wetting agents/foam
9,000 gallons
20,000 gallons (maximum hauling capacity)

30,000 gallons (stationary deployment)

Once the modules are in position, either by being hauled, skidded, or brought in by helicopter, and full of water, there are several ways the modules can be activated. The modules can be equipped with a remotely activated control panel to allow for their use in extreme situations where fire fighting personnel have been evacuated. In the event that an individual has not sent the specific signals to activate a module, it will be activated automatically through the use of internal heat sensors used to detect the proximity and intensity of heat. The electronic panel will be pre-programmed with instructions for dispersing the module’s contents should the heat sensors be activated prior to being activated via remote control or manual activation.

Crowd Control

The "Module" System can also be used in riot situations or where crowds become unfriendly and authorities need to take measures of force. The FAST canons can be used to push human obstructions back and control the jeopordized area that needs protection.




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A FAST Modular System
for fighting wild fires can
reduce fire fighting costs to
.20 cents on the dollar or
1/5 th of typical costs.
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