{Forestry & Agriculture Super Tanker}

has designed a tractor based on the T72 tank called the Forestry and Agricultural Super Tractor (“FAST”) to provide the extreme durability, manoeuvrability and safety for occupants required in extremely hazardous situations.

The FAST is designed to be used in extreme environments, i.e. earthquakes, forest fires and hazardous chemical or explosive environments. All these environments require a tractor that can withstand the high temperatures of a fire, the concussions of an explosion, and provide an air-tight cabin from the resulting gasses. The terrain caused by these environmental conditions demand a steel tracked tractor with the absolute minimum of break-downs, as safety and reliability are the top concerns. By combining the incredible weight to power ratio with tracks, the FAST tractor is also able to haul or pull extremely heavy loads.

One of the nicest features of the FAST is the versatility of its carrying deck. This multi-use hydraulic platform allows for the on and off loading of heavy modules of up to 25 tons, the ability to load and haul other disabled vehicles/tractors, as well as having the versatility to pull loaded trailers while the FAST tractor is itself either loaded or empty.



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Remote Control Security

The "FAST" Carrier has the capability to be remotely driven when encountering extreme security risks such as; nuclear disasters or crossing highly guarderd enemy borders. For example:

Scene 1 - Demonstrates the possibility of a drone "FAST" plane discovering an oil derrick a blaze on middle eastern soil.

Scene 2 - Shows the "FAST" Control Switch Operator reading the drones relayed information.

Scene 3 - Which upon he can activate and steer the entire "FAST" fleet to the disaster location crossing any enemy lines in a safe manner if need be.

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It is much easier to
suppress a fire when
detected early. The more
rapid the attack the better
the outcome will be.
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